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  "The Orthodontic Materials Insider" is a quarterly dedicated since 1987 to orthodontic professionals and to the renewal of their habits and tools by ORTHO-CYCLE CO. www.orthocycle.com, a company that services, buys and sells orthodontic appliances.
Editor: Claude G. Matasa, Doctor of Chemical Engineering, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of Oral Bio-Materials


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  The bad news: those who handle orthodontic sealants, adhesives and restoratives are exposed to cancer.   Against all warnings, paste dual composites could and should be stored in close contact!  
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The good news: with the modern means of today,
sometimes it can be cured.

a. Claude’s PET scan, September 2006 (observe white spot (carcinoma);
b. CT-scan, February 2007

2. “Cyano-” doesn’t always
kill you!
A case in point: the cyanoacrylates

3. Cyanoacrylate primers,
a way to better bonds?

Force (g) needed to debond (peel) Straight Edge™ “mini” brackets from an etched ceramic tile. Adhesives were Phase II™ and Light Bond™ with or without addition of a-ethyl cyanoacrylate (KG) and/or acetone and TEGDM

1. “Shear-peel”, peel, tension, torsion or cleavage: Which
one works better for you?

U.S. Patented debonding instruments (hand/mechanic only)

2. Modeling mechanic debonding with the help of the Velcro™ fastener
Image of the model and its geometry

September 2007
1. Even when stars die, their glow persists …
Thomas M. Graber 1917 - 2007

2. Proper debonding saves money and the environment

Possible consequences of squeezing the bracket in the A (a) and B areas (b & c)

1. Celebrating 20 years of contributions to the science of orthodontic materials.

2. A self-ligation mania?

Books/manuals on self-ligation provided to the trainees.

3. Corrosion and self-ligating brackets.

Egg holder containing self-ligating
brackets and a Fe++ coloring reagent
added to
oil-in-water salad dressing.

4. Materials in self-ligating brackets, yesterday and today

Sketch of In-Ovation C


1. Orthodontists are luckier than ocularists...

Discoloration auras generated by potassiumperman-ganate’s (gel)
reaction with leaching
retainers (a) and curedorthodontic adhesives (b)

2. Mending acrylic attachments

Bench bond strength tester in
which a controlled, increasing
weight (water, lead weights) pulls
a wire at the endof which can be
attached various holding devices.

1. Progress made in 30 years
•A very brave man

During three decades, Ortho-Cycle
has saved from being discarded
millions of orthodontic attachments

2. A disdained, tormented duckling has grown to be a swan: Ortho-Cycle Co. at its 30th anniversary

1. Insider's content 2002-2006
"Any orthodontist who does not take advantage of learning from this publication is denying himself
an invaluable resource"
Prof. MM Kuftinec, NY University

2. A
re nonmetal reinforcements acceptable?

The breaking force of 2K glass fiber bundles when:1. uncoated or uncured, 2. cured and bent at 30° and 3. cured,
but with polymer crosslinks interrupted (broken binder).


The high energy centrifugal Ferris-wheel machine used at Ortho-Cycle Co.
to burnish attachments

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& Dentofacial Orthopedics

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